Ukraine Conflict: Day 63

Russia’s offensive in the East continues on day 63 with limited territorial gains, while on Ukraine’s western border, Transnistria inches closer to war.


Authorities in the breakaway region of Transnistria report finding ‘10 more explosive devices’ near a radio station, and blame Ukraine for recent explosions near the village of Kolbasna. This could be a prelude to direct Transnistrian involvement in the conflict, which would stretch Ukrainian defences near Odessa. While this may be beneficial for Russia, it is hard to see what Transnistria stands to gain from such an action.

Odessa and Kherson

Ukraine downed another Russian reconnaissance drone near Odessa, according to recent reports.

Occupying forces in Kherson have stated that the local population will use the Russian rouble as currency. An explosion near a TV tower in the city has cut the population off from Russian TV channels. 

Explosions continue in Kherson and Mykolaiv. The Russians appear to have advanced as far as Tavriiske village, while Ukraine claims to have destroyed two Russian arsenals in the region. Shelling continues south of Kryvyi Rih.

East Donbas

The Russian offensive continues in East Donbas, with troops continuing to advance from the direction of Izyum. Forces in the Zarichne area are fighting on the outskirts of Lyman and Yampil townships.

The Ukrainian government has stated that the coming weeks will be ‘very difficult’ in the face of Russia’s large-scale assault in the East of the country. While territorial changes may be limited thus far, the concentrated firepower of the Russian army in this region is a serious opponent to deal with; readers will remember that large-scale offensives supported by massed artillery can succeed in degrading the ability of the defenders to fight, even if no territory is seized.


Ukrainian reports claim that Huliaipole has been successfully defended from yesterday’s Russian attacks. Fighting continues across this front, with perhaps less intensity than yesterday.

Kharkiv and Belgorod

Russian air defence systems have been active near Belgorod, with a TB-2 drone claimed downed in this region. Shelling continues around Derhaci, north of Kharkiv, and in the outlying eastern districts of Kharkiv.

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