Ukraine Conflict: Day 55

Fierce fighting continues across the East Donbas region as the war continues into day 55.


Parts of a spent Russian missile landed in a Ukrainian zoo in Mykolaiv, with one landing in what appears to be a buffalo enclosure. The occupant does not look particularly pleased with this new terrain feature.

Explosions were reported yet again at Kherson airport, most likely due to Ukrainian shelling (although Western media does not appear to comment on Ukrainian shelling). MLRS and artillery fire has been exchanged across this combat front for weeks. Shelling continued in Mykolaiv, the south of Kryvyi Rih, and the surrounding countryside. The highway near Naddnipryanske north of Kherson has also been mined extensively by Russian troops, according to Ukrainian reports.

East Donbas

Russian shelling continued across the combat fronts on Tuesday, day 55. The Ukrainian army claims to have repelled another assault on Maryinka and regained full control of the village, though the Russians appear to have made some progress north of the river.

In Popasna, the Ukrainians claim to have destroyed 12 tanks, a plane, and a helicopter during the course of a repelled Russian attack. There has also been shelling and gunfire in Lysychansk.

As the Russian attack in East Donbas continues, it does not appear that there are any significant gains as yet; no further information has emerged regarding the claim of Russian tanks in Zarichne.



Shelling of the outskirts of Kharkiv continued on Wednesday, with more buildings demolished, fires started, and residents killed.


Booby-traps and landmines continue to be found across the former conflict zones near Kiev, with a truck driver killed by a landmine near Stoyanka, south of Irpin. 

Foreign Aid

The Czech Republic has announced that Czech defence companies will repair Ukrainian tanks and military vehicles that need servicing, due to damage in combat or dilapidation in storage.

Hungary has announced that it does not support oil and gas sanctions on Russia. The conservative Eastern-European country still relies on Russia for the overwhelming majority of its oil imports, although a large oil field was discovered in Hungary in 2019.

Finland is transporting a third military aid shipment to Ukraine, with no detail published concerning its content.

The Netherlands was said that it will send armoured vehicles to Ukraine, while Norway has donated a Mistral air defence system to the country.

US Aid

The Pentagon has stated that it will tran a small number of Ukrainian soldiers in the use of howitzers (artillery). This will take place in Europe, according to the Pentagon press secretary. 8 artillery systems will also be provided, as well as ‘additional aircraft and the aircraft parts needed to get them in the air’.

7 transport planes will transport weaponry to Ukraine within 24 hours, presumably via Poland.

The US is expected to announce another $800 million military aid package to Ukraine.

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