Ukraine Conflict: Day 36

Russia is withdrawing its troops north of Kiev and Chernihiv, signalling an end to this sector of their invasion.

According to Ukraine, the counteroffensive south of Kryvih Rih has cleared 11 more villages of Russian troops. Following clashes south of Kryvih Rih, the Ukrainians claim to have secured the villages of Zahradivka, Kochubeivka, and Orlove.

Footage has emerged of Kadyrovtsy (pro-Russian Chechen Islamist militias) fighting in Mariupol. They appear to be having the time of their lives.

Mi-8 helicopter shot down attempting to leave Mariupol. Ukraine claims that the helicopter was carrying medical supplies, while Russia claims to have killed a deputy commander of the Azov Battalion, Maksym Zhorin, who was allegedly attempting to leave the city using the helicopter. 

Near Donetsk, the Russian Army shelled Vuhleday with MLRS Smerch rockets. Shelling in nearby Marinka appears to have used white phosphorous incendiaries, while Avdivka was also shelled during the morning.

According to the Luhansk Regional Administration, large amounts of Russian military equipment have been deployed to Luhansk.

The Russians have allegedly demolished the dam of the Oskil reservoir. In fighting nearby, a Russian T-72 variant was destroyed.

Shelling of Kharkiv continued throughout the night, while air defence claimed to have shot down an unidentified flying object.

Armenia has invited military inspectors from the EU and NATO to Gyumri airbase to prove that its 4 fighter jets have not been sent to aid the Russian war effort. Armenia is experiencing border troubles in the Nagorno-Karabakh, with the large and Turkish-backed Azerbaijani military involved in skirmishes after seizing much of the Artsakh region during the COVID19 pandemic.

Russian Withdrawal From Kiev, Chernihiv

Operations against Russian forces east of Kiev continue, with destroyed armour and vehicles being recorded in Nova Basan, Zavorychi, and Mokrets. Russian troops have withdrawn from Brovary. Ukraine has reoccupied Yahidne, Sloboda, and Lukashivka villages south of Chernihiv. The Chernihiv city governor has stated that Russian forces are withdrawing from the city, in line with the statement by Russia during recent negotiations that they would ‘scale down operations’ in the Kiev-Chernihiv sector.

According to Ukrainian Ground Forces Command, almost 700 units of equipment have been counted withdrawing towards Ivankov, heading to the Belarussian border.

Russian troops have abandoned Hostomel airport, as well as Bucha. There may be some troops left behind, as Ukraine has been skirmishing with what may be a Russian rearguard near Bucha.

The Russians have withdrawn from Chernobyl, and handed over control of the facility to the NPP. 

According to the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenber, Russian units are ‘not withdrawing, but repositioning.’ Russia is looking to shift the focus of its offensive to the Donbass region, according to Stoltenberg. The US and Britain have been quick to downplay the significance of this de-escalatory move.

According to the Pentagon, Russia has flown over 300 air sorties over Ukraine in the past 24 hours; we do not have footage to support this claim. The Pentagon also claims “unit cohesion problems, poor morale, and bad leadership within the Russian military” during the first month of conflict.

Foreign Aid

Britain and allies have agreed to supply Ukraine with yet more military materiel, including air and coastal defence systems, long-range artillery and counter-battery systems, and armoured vehicles, according to Defence Minister Ben Wallace. Britain will also provide wider training and logistical support.

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